Weekends at Walmer

Weekends at Walmer

To the north, picturesque golden light diffuses through eucalypts and wattle trees. To the south, the vibrant bustle of one of Melbourne’s hot-spots of creativity and hospitality awaits.

Where else could you find a prized location, just four kilometres from the CBD with water views that look across a vineyard?

It could only be at Walmer.

Walmer is a sanctuary for both the body and mind – a place where all features have been designed to exalt your experience of living. Naturally, our weekends at Walmer begin with meditation on our balcony led by the birdsong of the Yarra River, followed by a work out in the building’s own state-of-the-art gym and laps of the pool overlooking the river.

Refreshed, and reconnected our next point of call is making our way down through Walmer’s landscaped native garden towards the Main Yarra Trail. A botanical oasis, Walmer’s garden is designed by award-winning landscape practice, Taylor Cullity Lethlean. The garden acts as a gateway to the quietude of the river as an idyllic and private setting for residents to enjoy.

Walking along the Main Yarra Trail, we venture towards Victoria Street for lunch. This bustling strip boasts the best in Melbourne’s artisanal coffee brewers, award-winning restaurants, world-class retail and authentic Vietnamese eateries; and we chose Little Big Sugar Salt as the crème of the crop.

Established by Erika Geraerts and Charl Laubscher in 2013, Little Big Sugar Salt is an inviting, contemporary kitchen serving delicacies like tamari and maple hot smoked salmon with cauliflower hummus and ras el hanout, and buckwheat crepes with mushroom posse, warrigal greens and grated walnut parmesan. “The Bowl of Health” is our pick, best enjoyed alongside a coffee with Coffee Supreme beans.

With stomachs full and caffeine cravings satisfied, venture toward Bridge Road and Richmond to make the most of the project’s first-class access to Australia’s premier sporting facilities.

Prized amenities like Rod Laver and Margaret Court Arena, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground await, as Walmer delivers an unparalleled experience of Melbourne when, and how you want it.

Following an afternoon in the Member’s Lounge, make your way back towards home, exploring the galleries, showrooms and workshops of Australia’s finest makers and artisans in Abbotsford along the way. The mix of industrial architecture and charm in Walmer’s locale sees green spaces balanced with cocktail bars for a cosmopolitan, yet quintessentially Melbourne experience.

Stopping in at the Abbotsford Convent and Collingwood Children’s Farm, we gather fresh produce from the local farmer’s market at dine in at Walmer using our Bora stovetop technology. Following the river and the sun back, arrive home and be greeted by the concierge who collect our bags and book us in for in-house spa treatments the following morning.


We drop into Gigi’s for a drink, with the staff all greeting us by name as we walk through Walmer’s destination restaurant and take up our usual seat by the window. It’s just one of the perks of having a culinary delight like this downstairs, that and the fact they cater exclusively for resident cocktail parties and private functions.

For a greater glimpse into what life at Walmer could be like, register today for a private tour of our full-scale, three-bedroom apartment. To make an appointment email Sarah Stock, sarah.stock@360propertygroup.com.au or call 03 9673 1118.