We still call Australia home.

We still call Australia home.

For more than fifty years, Salta Properties has remained the name behind the changing face of modern Melbourne. Since 1972, this pioneering business been at the helm of every part of the city’s rapid evolution, from innovative industrial parks to luxury, inner-urban apartment precincts.

But how are Salta continuing to invest in their own back yard with their most refined project yet?

Read on to learn more about the vision for Walmer.

  • Fully customisable.
    Nestled amongst the banks of the Yarra and taking shape on the last developable site along the river, Walmer challenges what we know of off-the-plan development.“Walmer is a reminder of what true sophistication is; a reminder that homes are for living not just decorating,” says Salta Properties Managing Director Sam Tarascio.“There is no limit to a buyer’s imagination at Walmer. Here a three-bedroom apartment can become a larger form two-bedroom home with a generous study or an extravagant one bedroom with extensive living and dining spaces, likewise one and two bedders can be reconfigured to better suit a purchaser’s lifestyle.”


It is an ambitious undertaking. One that has required the expertise of an equally determined design partner which Salta found in Bates Smart, one of Australia’s oldest and most revered architectural firms.

“This level of choice is in such high demand, yet few developers are courageous enough to make it possible, to give their architects and buyers such creative license,” says Bates Smart Studio Director, Tim Leslie.

  • Connected to nature.
    An Australian native both in its location and in the local design consideration that flows throughout the project, Walmer is a coveted setting with a rich heritage.

“We wanted to draw the lush, natural environment up and through the building and so a continuous balcony is wrapped around the structure, framing views that dissolve the orthodoxy of a traditional residential form,” says Bates Smart Studio Director, Tim Leslie.


Individual balconies rival that of the average backyard and offer instead a vertical interpretation of the Australian dream. It is an exercise in sophistication matched only by Walmer’s exterior where a unique U-Shape, tiered structure weaves itself into the Yarra River escarpment and lays roots among its fellow Australian natives.

Landscape experts, TCL (Taylor Cullity Lethlean) carry this theme through the project with Salta undertaking an upgrade of the river escarpment and dedicating over 6,000sqm to extensive landscaping that heroes the local flora and fauna.

  • Ultimately understated.

In an industry where every second word is luxury and exclusive, Walmer’s ability to rise above hedonistic and opportunistic temptations is critical to its vision.

“Walmer is an exercise in understated elegance and a much-needed reprieve from the bells and whistles that have become synonymous with off-the-plan development,” says Tarascio.

It is this desire for subversive refinement that has seen Salta adopt a less is more approach at Walmer, where just 75 apartments will be offered at nearly double the size of the average inner-city equivalent.

As the vast tributaries of the Yarra River’s Catchment culminate in Victoria’s most vital natural resource, the Yarra River, so to do the best of Australian contemporary art and design gather to create Salta’s most considered project yet; Walmer.

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