Walmer, Looking East. Artist Impression

North Elevation. Artist Impression

West & South Facade. Artist Impression

Indicative Facade. Artist Impression

Walmer's Porte Cochere. Artist Impression

Force of Nature

Walmer’s architectural vision is a natural extension of its remarkable surrounds, with every aspect designed to maximise light, air and nature. Generous outdoor living terraces give way to impeccably framed views of a riverside setting, as inside and outside merge seamlessly into one.

Indicative Northern Terrace. Artist Impression

Lounge. Artist Impression

Private Sanctuary

To be in Walmer is to be among nature. The residences are woven artfully into the riverbank environment by the dedicated landscaping of Taylor Cullity Lethlean. Hand-picked native flora blends the property into its surrounds, enveloping you in the rustling of the river, twilight birdsong, the smell of wattle and gum. The thriving hub of Victoria Street lies just outside your door, but it could be a million miles away. This is a personal oasis – a place to escape the world and to just be.

Natural Beauty

Rising up from the banks of the Yarra, the Walmer residences offer a very different kind of Melbourne living. Expansive balconies make the most of the riverside views, drawing the vista inside to compliment its spacious interiors, styled with the best of European elegance.